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The Role of The Master

In Sahaj Marg, the Master acts as a guide to the aspirant in much the same way as an accomplished mountaineer is a guide to the inexperienced climber. He knows the terrain of the journey first-hand and is able to lead us safely, surely and expeditiously to the goal. There is only one objective behind the Master’s relationship with us, and that is our spiritual welfare.

The term “Master” is another word for “Guru”, or spiritual guide.
However, in Sahaj Marg, the concept of Master is more closely aligned
to the idea of divinity or divine essence.

  Here, divinity is found in many forms, i.e. the ultimate Principle or God, the divine presence in a human being like a living Master, and also the divine centre within each one of us that is referred to as our Self. Thus, in Sahaj Marg the Master represents the divine principle as manifest in all aspects of creation:
a) as the Ultimate, b) as the spiritual guide, and c) as our inner divinity.

For our purposes, the definition of a Master is also “one who has mastered himself.” That is to say, such a person is no longer a slave to the ego or to personal desires for worldly gains, and is consequently free to be of genuine service to others. The term in no way implies a relationship of servitude on our part. On the contrary, the Master in Sahaj Marg has the unique capacity to create equals, i.e. other Masters.
He is always striving to lead us toward our highest potential, not to fulfil any need of his own, but solely for the sake of our Self-realisation.

It takes time to develop faith in the guide. The first step is the building of trust, through experience. During this process we are asked only to keep our hearts and minds open to the infinite possibilities of our inner relationship with the Master and to co-operate with his work
by doing the practice as prescribed. In this way we avail ourselves fully
of the spiritual assistance that is being offered.

In Sahaj Marg it is recognized that a living Master is indispensable
to our spiritual progress. We present here a short biography of each of
the three Masters of the system.