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CREST - (Centre for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training)


CREST has been established by the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation with the aim of providing participants with a panoramic spiritual education to inspire an inner appreciation of multiple religions, cultures, philosophies and ideologies, realizing that the essence of these various paths is the same. Participants are selected from practicing abhyasis of Sahaj Marg, who may use this program to spark their inner quest and reinforce their sadhana.

Courses are conducted under the ancient gurukula concept, with trainees living under ashram conditions, providing for a comfortable life in a spartan setting, without luxury, but spiritually enriched. These courses are designed to cater to all dimensions of existence: the physical, the mental and intellectual, the moral, and the spiritual.

“God has been of perennial interest to humanity. He has been the subject of deep thought, discussion and description in human history. Many a Master in the human annals had experienced HIM and taught the succeeding generations the methods of reaching HIM. These spiritual practices have later crystallized into religions. Amidst a welter of religions the Quest for the Spirit has survived and is continuing. It is unique. SAHAJ MARG is this unique Quest for the Spirit and incorporates in itself the quintessence of the ageless wisdom of humanity.”

The first CREST facility is located in the Kaggalipura village on the outskirts of Bangalore, India, and was inaugurated in August, 2006.

Information about CREST - Bangalore.

Programs at CREST, Bangalore

Training seminars:
These are conducted 3 to 4 times a year and last for a duration of 2 weeks. Participants are selected from countries around the world, through nominations submitted by regional administrators of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Lectures are delivered by selected faculty in a classroom setting as part of the training program.

Sadhana Program for Abhyasis:
This is a 5 day residential program held twice a month for practicing abhyasis of Shri Ram Chandra Mission residing in India. Salient features of the Sadhana Program are as follows:

  • Intensive focus on Sadhana.
  • Facilitated discussions about aspects and nuances of Sahaj Marg Sadhana.
  • The CREST library available for delegates.
  • Starts on a Tuesday evening and ends on the subsequent Sunday evening.
  • The schedule of Sadhana Program till July., 2009 is as follows:
    • Sadhana Program 41   12th May - 17th May
    • Sadhana Program 42   16th June - 21st June
    • Sadhana Program 43   30th June - 5th July

Click here to view a presentation with complete details about the Sadhana program.

Application for the Sadhana program at CREST, Bangalore

Online Application Form for "Sadhana" Program

Sadhana Program for Youth:

This is a 5 day residential program for practicing abhyasis of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in the age group of 20 - 30 yrs. Focus of the program would be on subjects specific to youth. The daily schedule of the program would be similar to the Sadhana Program. The schedule of the Sadhana Program for Youth till Sept., 2009 is as below.

  • Sadhana Program for Youth 5    2nd June - 7th June
  • Sadhana Program for Youth 6    15th Sept. - 20th Sept.

Application for "Sadhana Program for Youth"

Abhyasis may use the application format using the link below, and send all the details via email to with "Sadhana Program : Youth" in the subject line..

Application Form (.doc)


The CREST training seminars draw faculty from experienced abhyasis and prefects of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, who have a specialization in relevant subjects through their academic, professional or personal experience. A sampling of subjects covered in previous CREST seminars may be seen at this link.

Abhyasis / Prefects who wish to deliver a lecture at a CREST training seminar may propose a subject and apply through the Faculty Application Form (.doc). This form should be saved to your computer, filled in using MS Word and emailed to