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What is SMRTI?

Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute exists only to augment the ways and means by which seekers, aspirants and trainers worldwide enhance and deepen their understanding of the goal of human perfection offered by the Sahaj Marg System of spirituality under the guidance of the living Master.

The Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute (SMRTI) is a branch of Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation. Its activities are broadly classified into:

  Resource Center - SMRTI conducts several programs to help progress beginners, practicing aspirants and prefects in several regions of the world. These programs includes introductory programs such as Meditation Classes & Open houses, Study Groups and Youth Programs. This section contains the downloadable resources to conduct such programs.
  Training - SMRTI conducts several training programs in several regions of the world. There are introductory training programs for beginners and advanced ones for practicing aspirants and prefects. Some of these courses are available online under this section.
  Publications - Under the auspices of SMRTI, several books and articles aimed at facilitating the practical understanding of, as well as accessibility to, Sahaj Marg teachings have been published. Some examples are:
  • the Sahaj Marg literature Index, a thesaurus/glossary dealing with the published speeches and writings from the three successive Masters of the Sahaj Marg method of meditation,
  • "Meditation", "Cleaning", "Transmission", and "Love", books (published in English and Hindi) of selected quotations of the Masters, dealing with the particular theme as referenced in the title
  • the series Syllabus on Value Based Education,
  • the series Salient Features of Sahaj Marg,
  • the series Transactions of Seminars of the SRCM (in French),
  • See books, articles and clarifications section under SMRT
  Scholarships - Every year, the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation offers to aspirants practicing Sahaj Marg meditation an opportunity to visit the Babuji Memorial ashram in Chennai, India. This section contains the details of this scholarship program.
  Other Activities -
  • Participation of members in conferences and seminars organized by associations other than SMSF and dealing with subjects related to spirituality
  • Preparation of "book summaries" from the general literature on spirituality