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Study Groups

Study Group is an excercise that can be practiced with in a small group of people. The object of this exercise is to delve into a particular short reading with the aim of sharing and receiving insights which may enhance spiritual practice. Study Groups are organized into different sets, each having carefully selected readings pertaining to a theme or topic. Following table lists all available resources for participants of Study Groups, please view or download the resources to prepare your self for a Study Group.

Study Group Resources
Click on the item name to view in the html format (if available).

Format [Size]
General Documents
Program Guide Introductory Guide for the Study Groups Program.
WORD [44 KB]
PDF [12 KB]
Evaluation Form
Form to be filled by participants after attending the program
WORD [44 KB]
PDF [8 KB]
Spirituality, Religion and Sahaj Marg (5 Sessions)
Man, God and Master (5 Sessions)
Karma, Life and Liberation (5 Sessions)
Teachings of Master (6 Sessions)
Teachings of Lalaji and Babuji (7 Sessions)
Discipline (5 Sessions)
Formats: Required Softwares to read the documents -
WORD format requires Microsoft Word
PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Don't have it? Get it Free