Sahaj Marg Emblem 'Meditation for Human Integration'  
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The words Sahaj Marg denote the name of that path which, by way of meditation, is leading to the highest spiritual development, and the text “meditation for human integration” plants a real and unifying idea for the individual, - as well as for humanity - to pick up.

The image is embraced by branches of olives, symbolizing worldwide human union.

Sahaj Marg emblem 'Meditation For Human Integration'

The Sahaj Marg path is pictured as cutting through the mountains, - symbolizing the barriers such as human limitations and obstructions by Nature herself. The path leading from darkness to light is mounting between the peaks Trishul on the left side and Nanda Devi on the right side. These two peaks are facing the Satkhol Ashram in the Himalayas.

The name Satkhol means “unfolding of truth”, which is almost synonymous with the sphere known as Satpad where truth is predominant. Through finer and finer stages this path is leading to the ultimate union.

The sphere of light created by the rising sun, - symbolizes the spiritual era started and evolved by the eternal hierarchy of the Masters of Sahaj Marg.